Liquid State NMR

All the standard multi-nuclei NMR experiments are possible in all the spectrometers (example: 1H, 2H, 13C, 15N, 11B, 31P, 19F, 195Pt).

1D Proton experiments such as: 1H, with water suppression and also by presaturation is possible.

1D Carbon experiments such as: 13C APT, bbdec.

2D experiments such as 1H-1H COSY, 1H-1H NOESY, 1H-13C HSQC, 1H-13C HMBC.

Diffusion-ordered NMR spectroscopy.

Variable temperature experiments both including low and high temperatures are possible.

NMR Spectrometers
Last Modified: 29-11-2012