A cobalt cage for proteins

A new paramagnetic probe has been synthesized and applied to proteins. The probe consists of a cobalt or manganese ion packed in a cage that can be linked to specific sites on a protein via two arms to make it very rigid. These probes will be used to characterize the structure and function of enzymes and other proteins in detail. The research was performed by the CSC-funded student Qing Miao and master student Thomas Kock under the guidance of Dr. Mark Overhand and Prof.

New Science Campus location

The NMR Facility has been relocated to the new Science Campus building. The NMR Facility is located in the FW wing on the ground floor.

Opening of the Paramagnetic NMR Facility Leiden

The Facility for Paramagnetic NMR in Leiden will officially be opened on September 11, 2013.
The facility has been made possible by an NWO-Groot grant and the financial support of Leiden University. The facility offers support to researchers for the synthesis of paramagnetic molecules and their application in advanced NMR research.