The Paramagnetic NMR Facility Leiden has been established to provide support to researchers who want to apply paramagnetic NMR spectroscopy to biomolecules. Support is offered in the design and synthesis of paramagnetic probes, either for general application (such as lanthanide tags and spin labels) or a dedicated purpose (such as enzyme substrates modified with a paramagnetic group). Also help with the attachment of probes to proteins and the acquisition, processing and analysis of the data can be provided.

Note: For academic users the Facility works on the basis of collaboration. Facility co-workers who have given significant experimental or intellectual input are expected to co-author publications. For-profit organisations that want to use the facility should contact the head of the facility to discuss the possibilities. 


The Facility is supported by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (Investment Grant NWO Large) as well as Leiden University.

Last Modified: 25-06-2013